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We repair appliances in Cape Town. We  specialize in refrigeration services, servicing of washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers, stoves & ovens and all home and commercial electrical appliances, onsite.

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Appliance Repairs


Is your dishwasher is leaking, or you still have dirty dishes even after the dishwasher has run? Get in touch with J Appliance Repairs for help.

Washing Machines

Is your washing machine making weird sounds / noise or not draining water or not taking in water at all. We help repair and fix it onsite.


Some of the faults we repair include Temperature irregularities, Electrical issues, Frost build up/freezing and Faulty thermostat.

Tumble Dryers

Having problems with your Tumble Dryer powering on or your clothes remain damp even after a run? We have technicians available to assist.

Stove & Ovens

Dealing with overheating stove or oven and burning your food? We will check it out for you and fix it onsite or offsite if required.

Coffee Makers

From inadequate brewing to leaks and inconsistent temperatures, we have the expertise to diagnose and repair the issue. Turn to us for best prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A call out fee is only charged when a client opts not to proceed with repair job. If paid, it will be deducted from your final invoice payment.

Our call out fee is charged depending on customer location, complexity of repairs intended and number of devices. Enquire for a quick quote

Yes, we do most of our appliance repairs onsite.

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